LEGO Ideas Projects for Adult Fans

LEGO Ideas is a platform where fans can submit their own LEGO creations for consideration to be made into official LEGO sets. If a project gets enough support from other fans, it will be reviewed by a team of LEGO designers. If the designers approve the project, it will be made into an official set and released to the public.

There are many brilliant LEGO Ideas projects out there, but some of them are especially well-suited for adult fans. These projects are complex, challenging, and require a high level of skill to build. But they're also incredibly rewarding, and they can be a great way to show off your LEGO building skills, I'll take a look at a few brilliant LEGO Ideas projects that are perfect for adult fans. I'll also share some tips on how to support these amazing builds other then the methods LEGO provides.

This is a working hollywood studios, it comes with a water tower, a soundstage and even a star-studed trailler! This set also includes many references to the classic LEGO Studios Theme. According to the designer,LEGO Paradise: "All of this is built onto a 32x64 stud baseplate that can be connected to any existing modular buildings. Packed full of realistic details and functional play features, this would make a great LEGO set for all ages!

THIS HAS GOT TO BE ONE OF THE MOST GENIOUS LEGO IDEAS PROJECT EVER! You get most animals you would want out of a Zoo: Lion, Giraffe, Penguin, Croc and a Hippo! There is even a Aquarium. What makes this set awesoem is the fact it is modular (duh!), by that i mean the individual enclusures can be places wherever you want! The designer John Harvey definitlly deserves more votes. This project only has about 200 days left so get out there an SUPPORT IT 

Remember the times before Netflix? If yes, then this set will bring back soem memories as it recreates a Video Rental store. You get many shelves with the classic Blockbuster logo. This set is something special for his designer, since he used to visit a Blockbuster every friday...After this emotionall moment you should consider SUPPORTING IT 

This project hasn't gotten a lot of support, however it is an awesome set that can bassically fit anywhere, creating a mini LEGO City! This is a Japanese Street it even includes a Family Mart, and some  nice details! 

LEGO alredy has an Atari, an NES and even a Pac-Man machine, but what about a computer? Well this project makes you think different-ly. If you are a PC or MacOs fan then this set is for you, it has many little details and a swappable screen with the classic "hello" from the old [and current] iMacs!

Welcome to the sizzling world of the Cooking Academy, where minifigures embark on a flavorful journey of culinary art and nutrition! This is a perfect addition to any LEGO Modular City! Adorned with charming kitchen-themed decorations, this LEGO Ideas masterpiece is a feast for both eyes and imagination!

How to Support LEGO Ideas Projects

There are a few different ways to support LEGO Ideas projects. The first way is to simply vote for the projects that you like. You can vote for as many projects as you want, and you can vote as often as you want.

The second way to support LEGO Ideas projects is to share them on social media. When you share a project, you're helping to spread the word about it and get more people to vote.

The third way to support LEGO Ideas projects is to donate money to them. When you donate money to a project, you're helping to cover the costs of production and make it more likely that the project will be made into an official set.


These are just a few of the many brilliant LEGO Ideas projects that are perfect for adult fans. If you're looking for a challenging and rewarding LEGO build, then I encourage you to check out these projects and support them.