LEGO has been making art sets for a few years now, and they've all been pretty good. But the new 40634 Icons of Play set is a different story. It's the worst LEGO art set of 2023.

Why is it so bad?

There are a few reasons why the LEGO MODERN ART set is so bad. First, the price is ridiculous. The set costs $50, which is more than twice as much as any other LEGO art set. For that price, you would expect a lot more pieces and a more complex model.

Second, the set is very small. Not very big for a $100 LEGO set.

Third, the set is very repetitive. There are only a few different types of pieces in the set, and they're all used to build the same basic shapes. This makes the set very boring to build. OVERHAULL THE DESIGN OF TEH SET IS QUITE WIERD. It is what most people expect when they hear "MODERN ART" but i don't think it even accomplises this goal really well, it look like something a Fan would design not LEGO themselves

Is there anything good about the set?

Yes, the set incentivises self-expression and creativity (but most LEGO sets alredy do that), well this one allows you to creat art(but you can do that for way less). Overhaull thsi set only looks good as a display piece if you are an interior desigenr or a Stock photo artist you ight want to put this in the background, or even if you want to impress your boss you could put it on your office desk or on a corporate envoiroment, but i dont recommend you buy this, pay your taxes insted.

Credit: LEGO  PS: This article was edited on July 26, 2023